Enjoy a Holiday on China RV&Camping Day

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The development of Chinese RV market is thriving.As regard to the campers, it is a very good news.Along with the development of Chinese RV industry,China RV&Camping Day is formed.


In order to feedback the RV owners and campers,China RV&Camping Day is sponsored by China Automobile Industry Association of recreational vehicle (RV) committee, CTACA Self Driving Tour and RV and camping branch,21RV and RV World,which is co-sponsored by 666 RV camping related enterprises and institutions,such as Minihiker.On China RV&Camping Day,there are many discounts and wonderful interactions for RV Family members from all the country,campers and outdoors travelers.

China RV&Camping Day is on the first Saturday of June each year, the non statutory holidays.It originated in 2015,proposed by 21RV to organizational units, enterprises and institutions, media, RV Family members and RV camping enthusiasts.

Basic Information


Address:RV World,Fangshan district,Beijing

Theme:For Love

Participant:200 families and 50 RVs in Beijing,RV manufactures,Outdoor enterprises and campground enterprises from 30 provinces.

Hosted by:

China Automobile Industry Association of recreational vehicle (RV) committee

CTACA Self Driving Tour and RV and camping branch


RV World

Undertook by:China RV&Camping Day Committee

Sponsored by:Automobile industry branch of China Trade Promotion Committee

Beijing RV Camping Travel Committee

China RV and Camping Federation

China RV Brand Federation

Housing construction group

College of tourism, Beijing Union University


Participating leaders(arranged for the time being)

Ye Shengji,Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Industry Association

Fang Dehe,China Automobile Industry Association of recreational vehicle (RV) Committee of the Secretary General 

Liu Hanqi,Secretary General of China Tourism Automobile And Cruise Association

Li Chunwei,Secretary General of the China Automobile Sports Association

Wang Jidong,21RV Founder&CEO


1.Free camping and discounts about RV and camping product

2.RV shopping season from 06.03.2016-07.03.2016

3.Free activities including barbecue,delicacy,beer,RV experience and other entertainment project

4.Family Carnival in Beijing

Activity Process

Transfer water cup to your group

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