21RV Organizes the 30th Abroad(Portugal)Study RV Show

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The 84th International F.I.C.C. Rally will take place in Ponte de Lima-Portugal from 29 July to 7 August 2016.There are delegations from 40 countries and hundreds of participants.The rally will provide participants many moments of happiness,physical and mental welfare,interaction with other peoples and cultures,contact with nature ,unique landscapes and incomparable gastronomy. The rally is named as RV and camping enthusiasts Olympic.21RV will organize a tour group to the rally.It will be the only group from China.


Location: Ponte de Lima-Portugal

Registration Hotline: Zhao Xueying  18613802121

               Wang Zhen  18510271594


Porto - Ponte de Lima (88 km) Ponte de Lima - Sintra - Lisbon (490 km) Lisbon - Roca - Sevilla (518 km) Sevilla Ronda (110 km) Ronda - Granada (150 km) - Granada Madrid (360 km)

Unique Feature of the Tour:

1.We can visit Porto named as wine city and get to know wine cellars.

2.Roca is one of the fifity places where is worth to go in the world.

3.Ronda is the birthplace of bullfighting.

4.Mijas is a lovely town owning many white houses near the Mediterranean.

5.We can visit Madrid Palaces.

6.Spanish food-Seafood


Day 1-29.07 Beijing - Ponte de Lima

Flight Reference:

29/07 LH721 Beijing / Frankfurt 10301440

29/07 LH1180 Frankfurt / Oporto 21102255

10:00 Departure

17:00 Chief delegates meeting

20:30 Evening entertainment

Day 2-30.07 Porto - Ponte de Lima (88 km)

8:00 Have a breakfast. Walking down through historical streets in Porto, you will have the opportunity to visit the historic city centre, the Avenida dos Aliados (Allies Avenue) and the impressive D. Luís Bridge.You will reach Vila Nova de Gaia where you can take a tour through the worldwide known Port wine cellars.

17:00 Gathering and Parade of Nations

19:00 Opening ceremony

20:30 Evening entertainment

Day 3-31.07 Activities of 84th International F.I.C.C. Rally

8:00 Have a breakfast and visit Ponte de Lima.

10:00 International worship

12:00 Enjoy local food and experience local culture and customs.

14:00 Excursion in Ponte de Lima

20:30 Evening entertainment

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