2016 China International RV &Camping Exhibition Recruits Regional Franchisees

2016-04-27 15:33 房车 | 房车之家 | 房车价格 来源:21世纪房车 收藏

【21RV】2016 China(Beijing)International RV &Camping Exhibition hosted by 21RV and RV World is recruiting regional franchisees from the whole country.It aims to improve the impact of the RV and camping industry ,push forward the development of regional RV and camping industry and establish the image of RV and camping enterprise.Major recruiting regions of the exhibition is Shanghai,Guangzhou,Chengdu,Hangzhou,Zhengzhou and elsewhere.After the success of the recruiting,21RV will hosted 2016 Regional China International RV &Camping Exhibition Carnivals and a dazzling array of activities.At the moment,people in the different areas of China will have the chance to experience the RV and camping lifestyle and will love it.

It is a comprehensive RV and camping exhibition which contains RVs,outdoors,travel and other parts.The exhibition began in 2010 at Being RV Expo Center·RV World.Until now it go through six years and become the largest RV show in China.RV Family BBS belonged to 21RV has two hundred thousand registered members and thirty thousand registered RV owners.

China(Beijing)International RV &Camping Exhibition of Henan Substation was hosted in 2014.There were more than twenty industry experts and leaders,fifty RVs,seventy medias and three hundred participants.The success of 2014 Henan Substation exhibition further increase exposure and influence of China RV and camping,and promote the development of the China RV and camping.

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