21RV launches 2016 RV Family Eurasian Journey

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After the success of the 2015 Eurasian Journey,2016 RV Family Eurasian Journey was launched in Beijing RV Expo Center·RV World on April 10,2016.The activity was hosted by 21 RV under the theme“Guys Let’s feel the world together.”

The travel team consists of twenty RVs and forty RVers.The trip will go through thirty countries including Russia and Europe during the next four months .2016 Eurasian Journey is organized by Wang Xudong ,Secretary-General of RV Family.He will lead the team of RV Family to visit Manzhoul,Chita,Ulan-Ude,Baikal,Novosibirsk,Ekaterinburg,Moscow,St.Petersburg,Finland and other European countries.

The schedule of the RV trip

April 10,2016  Gathered

April 11,2016  Depart from Beijing

April 15,2016  Arrived in Manzhouli,for the ATA documents

April 16,2016  Entry to Russia

May 14,2016  Entry to Finland or other shengen counties

May 15,2016  Stay in Astila campground in Helsinki,Finland

May 16,2016  Separate to several groups to travel

August 10,2016  Entry to Russia and return back,same formalities

Comparing with the 2015 Eurasian Journey, the travel team will separate to several groups after arriving in Finland.Then they will gather in Russia on August 10,2016 after eighty days travel in Europe.The RV trip is the second time to Eurasian organized by RV Family,already developed to benchmark of RV travel in China.

So far,the team of RV Family has successfully arrived in Russia.(To be continued)

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