RV Families Travelled Through Europe in 121 Days

2015-11-25 18:43 房车 | 房车之家 | 房车价格 来源:21世纪房车 收藏
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From China to Europe, after 121 days, 26 countries and 36,000 kilometres, RV families have now been back to China, all the memories were kept in their minds and also in the camera.

On May 2, 2015, the day all the members will never forget, 6 RVs from 6 families gathered in 21RV’s campground and started their long journey. 6 families knew each other through RV Family bbs.21rv.com and all have the dream to see more outside China. Of the members, the oldest is Mr. Zhou, who is 65 and drove alone during the whole trip, and the twins are the youngest—they just had their 3 years old birthday one months before the journey started.

Sponsored and organized by Wang Xudong, general-secretory of RV Family, 21RV’s RV Club, this trip lasted from May 2 to September 1. They travelled through China, Mongolia, Russia together, and spent 2 and a half months travelling through Europe in 2 groups. Most of the time they spent nights in campgrounds. During the trip, they visited Bosal and Fiamma factories, to see how these products were produced.

“Travelling through Europe in RVs will be a annual event from our club RV Family. We will go RVing Through Europe next year as well, and this time, we will spend more time in one country.” Said Wangxudong, “we had a lot fun and RVing can bring us more than you can imagine.”