Beijing International RV Camping Exhibition Grand Opening on March 19th

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  RV family Gather in Fangshan Wonderful Supporting Activities Presented

  【21RV Report】2015 The 10th China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition will be grandly held from March 19th to 22th in Beijing RV Expo Centre • RV World. The exhibition is directed by China Association of Automotive Manufacturers Recreational Vehicle Industry Committee (CMRV), 21 RV and RV World-Beijing RV Expo Center; organized by Beijing Camping & RV Exhibition Co., Ltd; supported by CCPIT Automotive Industry Branch, CTACA Self-Driving Tour and Camping & Caravanning Branch, FASC Camping Branch, BTIA Auto-Camping Tourism Branch, China RV Camping Association and Beijing Fangjian Investment Group. Since 2010 till now, China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition has developed as the most professional and effective RV exhibition in Asia, which can be the weather vane and barometer of the development of Chinese RV industry.

  “Let one hundred thousand families own RV, Let ten million families experience RV, Let on hundred million families understand RV” After nine sessions unremitting efforts, Beijing International RV & Camping Exhibition insists on this philosophy and achieves high recognitions from considerable number of RV, accessories, outdoor equipments, log cabin, campsite and media. Based on the theme “wonderful tenth, thanks to your participation”, the tenth exhibition will be comprehensively upgraded, establishing bridges for brands, distributors and consumers.

  Focus on the rising and innovation of Chinese RV Market

  Beijing International RV & Camping Exhibition will make the whole world focus on the rising and innovation of Chinese RV market. Hundreds of RV brands together with thousands RVs will gather in Beijing RV Expo Centre. The exhibition area will exceed 50,000 square meters. “The exhibition attracts 30% new brands this year and many manufacturers will release the new models in the beginning of spring. We are also looking forward to the new cars that will actually be presented. ” The principal of the exhibition said. Domestic RV brands including Great Wall, Zhong Yi, Zhong Tian, Yutong-Klen RV, North RV, Jmc, Saic Maxus, Naveco, Wu Zhouxing, Shunlv, Spring RV, Meng Zhilv, Dexing, Yaters, Farid, Jiangzu Weihang , Rongcheng Longhe, Tiantan, Oscar, Qi Xing, Tianxing Huatai, Shenyang Hechuang, Tiansheng, Huanghai RV, Zhonghai Longdun, Zhonghang Xinfei, Hubei Junhao, Qirui RV, Topspeed RV, Tuoluzhe RV, Nantong Baorun, Qinghong, Shanghai Skyward, Daide Longtree, Lingyang, Tianjin World Trade, Xinkai Auto, Armadillo, Haichi, Suteng, etc. will provide more direct, convenient and beneficial onsite RV purchase service. Meanwhile, Beijing International RV & Camping Exhibition is also devoted to speeding up the development of the localization of imported RV brands. Buerstner, Junqi, Taimei, Dalu, Hehe, Ezetil, Lake Mercedes-Benz, German bands including Buerstner, Hymer, Tabbert, Dethleffs, American Brands including Jayco, Forest River, Forest River, Country Coach, Tiffin, the Netherland brad Kip RV and Australia brands such as Deeson and KIMBERLEY will fulfill different families’ needs with various imported RVs.

  In addition to RVs, brands of RV accessories will also shine brilliantly together -- Truma, Dometic, Atwood, THETFORD, Kinghorn, BOSAL, JOHN GUEST, Bafang Ruijie, Begap, Bretagne, Chuangda Boya, Goshen, Beijing United, Jinchen Union, Lamilux, IndelB, Longkou Yongan、DUALMAX、Auto-mostion Shade, Chengbang Innovative, Lvju Life, DBS, Fengzhi, CATA, Shanghai Digital, Yixin Trading, AKRV, Hoingtengtong, Century-success, Tianya Tongxing, ZYMBO, Tripower-tritex, etc.

  In or the to enrich RV camp life, outdoor brands such as Blackdeer, Orion, Penghai Tourism, Somlindone, Partymaster and Land Washer, together with campsite planning and design companies such as Meiyi, Yuantai, Lemozu Cabin , Art Camp and Sharch Design will present the whole industrial chain of RV and camping industry.

  Get Rid of Haze RV Families Gather Home

  One of the exhibition venues, “RV Family” is the campsite nearest downtown Beijing. Twice a year, it has presented nine sessions and attracted huge number of RV lovers. Different from previous sessions, this year, the organizer will improve the condition that it was too hard to get a carport, reorganizing the campsite area with 800 carports. RV or camping lovers from all over the country can book carports via several ways such as phone, official website and the RV clubs of exhibitors.

  Wonderful Accompany Activities Presented Attractions from the Whole Country

  This exhibition will be accompanied by various activities which combine participation, interaction and entertainment. Full information of the RV exhibition will directly send to customers’ mobile terminals through the promotion activities on the official Weiobo and Wechat, establishing timely and effective interactions with visitors.

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