China(Beijing)International RV&Camping Exhibition 2014 Launches Helicopter Flight

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       【21RV News】Are you tired of touring around the RV exhibition on foot and so curious about what the "huge" RVs' roof is like? This year, you can take the helicopter in the site to get a bird view of the show and experience a totally different RV feast.

       The 8th China(Beijing) international RV&Camping exhibition is to be held at Beijing RV Expo. Center from Mar.20th-23rd, 2014. During the event, the capital helicopter "small squirrel" will be on site to provide guests an unique flight, viewing RV&Camping show from the sky. The "small squirrel", which can move and turn with ease, will bring you a panoramic view of the exhibition and the beautiful surrounding landscape as large as several square kilometers from hundreds of meters above. 

Bird's-eye view of Beijing RV&Camping exhibition

       At the intersection of mountain, fjord and jungle, helicopter is a perfect way of touring. Not restricted by landform, you can change the angle of view in the sky like a bird. It is must be of great fun to watch "huge" RVs becoming points, walking spectators turning into the size of ant gradually and the large arch-shape where horizon met sky.

       Probably, you have ever traveled by plane, still remembering the strong push on the back when it was accelerating, and the instant sharp inclination during the liftoff. Whereas, helicopter can bring about an absolutely different feel. With hum from the airscrew, its huge torque can finish liftoff in seconds. The sense of weightlessness is much stronger than that you sensed on roller coasters. 


       If you expect to experience the ultimate pleasure brought by the helicopter, the Beijing RV&Camping exhibition, held from Mar.20th-23rd, can make your dream "flying like a bird" a reality. If sign up on the scene, one person only charge for ¥800(regularly costs ¥2000), and further more, ordering ticket on RV World •Taobao official flagship store could get 20% discount.

       Address: the 8th China(Beijing)International RV&Camping Exhibition•Capital helicopter experience zone.

       Contact: Miss Song

       Tel: 18613802121 / 81310144

       (note: for those ordering ticket on RV World •Taobao official flagship store, a massage in the form of electronic code will be send to your mobile which then will be checked on the scene. flagship store website: