Beijing RV Expo.2014, Analyzing China RV Industry Development

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       【21RV News】The 8th China(Beijing) International RV&Camping Exhibition is to be held in Beijing RV Expo. Center, from Mar.20th to Mar.23rd 2014. the world renowned RVs, manufacturers, and the industry leaders are to converge in Beijing again, to participate in the international RV event which is one of the largest in Asia.

       During the exhibition, multiple RV industry summit meetings will be held to analyze the present conditions and the development of China RV industry in depth.

       2014 China RV&Camping Industry Development Forum

       This year, government officials, RV related enterprises, RV owner representatives and industry authorities all have been invited to the forum, in which China RV&Camping industry development conditions and trends will be discussed and studied thoroughly.

       Themed brand, marketing and development, 2014 China RV&Camping development forum  is focused on driving customer needs, guiding direction, integrating resource, capital and brands. Besides, it also provides a platform for putting forward appeals. For RV industry, the forum is of great significance. It can advance the state to make related policies. It can speed up the mechanisms building for communicating and exchanging information among RV&camping related companies. It can bring about a new pattern in the construction of China RV & camping tourism. 

       During the event, nearly 300 mainstream medias will intensively report the RV show forcusing on RV's innovation,breakthroughs,and the sales number etc. The media on one side can magnify the effect the Beijing RV show acted upon the industry develpoment, on the other side, it can reinforce the exhibiting brands’ publicizing.

       The 8th China (Beijing) International RV&Camping Exhibition 2014

       As the first RV show this year, The 8th China (Beijing) International RV&Camping Exhibition is to be opened unprecedentedly to make a good begainning for RV market in 2014. What we have to mention is that the 8th one is differernt from the previous. It is an unique one with highest level, largest scale, complete lineup, and maximum number of special offers. It is such an important event that RV manufacturers can effectivly promote their brands.

       China (Beijing) international RV&Camping exhibition is an expo. brand meticulously cultivated by Beijing RV Expo.Center•RV World. Up to now it has successfully been held for seven times, and has gradually achieved sensational effect. More and more insiders become intrested in the show and praise highly about it. It is becoming the most influential one for RV buyers and sellers in the domestic.

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