the 7th RV Exhibition was popularity Hundreds of RV has sold

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       【21RV News】On August 15-18, 2013 the 7th China (Beijing) International of RV and Camping Exhibition and the 4th China RV and Camping Rally was held in Beijing RV Exhibition Center. It attracted RV industry's professional from worldwide and the audience showed great shopping enthusiasm. At present, the number of RV order and the deal amount has exceeded the previous level. Before the deadline, there are more RV has sold.

the 7th Beijing RV and Camping Exhibition Chuntian RV has sold

the 7th Beijing RV and Camping Exhibition Yutong RV has sold

the 7th Beijing RV and Camping Exhibition       Changcheng RV has sold

       Although the weather is hot, the passion of public order is very high. According to the report, Chuntian RV, Yutong RV, Changcheng RV and many other well-known manufacturers also do it well, they have attracted many customers' order intention and sell many RV in one and a half days.

the 7th Beijing RV and Camping Exhibition    Changcheng RV has sold

the 7th Beijing RV and Camping Exhibition   Fengjun RV has sold

       In actively attract the RV companies and campers which from domestic and abroad to participated in the exhibition, the organizing committee has expected that through the function and advantage of exhibition platform to push the China RV market and RV camping platform to the top and also hope that through the smooth convening of the exhibition can bring the cooperation opportunities and maximize brand to each of the exhibitors.

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