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       【21RV News】the 7th China (Beijing) International Exhibition of RVing and Camping and the 4th China RVing and Camping Rally will make its debut on August 15-18 in Beijing RV Expo Center.

       The exhibition will be fully into the specialization, internationalization, and specialization, provide a wider trading platform for RV, camping, outdoor products and other related industries' rapid development. Compare to the past six sessions, this exhibition make a fully improve on exhibition scale, exhibitors, the exhibition layout , publicity exhibition and supporting service level.During the exhibition, the exhibitors and client and all the people who took part in the exhibition will be able to feel the professional and enthusiastic service from the staffs.

       Visiting guide service

       Due to the larger scale of this exhibition and many varieties, the organizing committee has installed clear signs in the RV Exposition Center. Each exhibitors and visitors can get a detailed visiting guide, which not only has all kinds of RV exhibition information, also includes itinerary, bus line, telephone service, exhibition area overall plan, the cooperation unit and introduced.

       Receive the free tickets

       Thank for the support of the RV enthusiasts, the organizing committee also hosting a complimentary ticket activities before the exhibition, the audience can through micro-blog, BBS, telephone booking, micro-message and other form to get the free tickets which worth 100 yuan.

       Guide service

       Guide service for the RV layout at each position, the professional consultants will wear the unity uniform, answer exhibitor's RV problem, provide RV information, experience the camping life and understand consumer's purchase intention. At the same time, the organizing committee will provide advisory services for the audiences, collect the difficult problem and listen the exhibition advice.

       Leisure catering service

       The four days exhibition, providing all kinds of fast food service, coffee service and drink service, make the leisure conditions with environment comfortable, spacious and health to meet the needs of the audience. At the same time, the camping area has built 30 leisure tent to provide the rest area for business and rest.

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