Home and Abroad's Consumers get together the 7th Beijing RV Exhibition will Show another Brilliant

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       【21RV News】2013 the 7th Beijing International RVing&Camping Exhibition and the 4th China RVing&Camping Rally will be hold in Beijing RV Exhibition Center on Aug. 15th --18th , 2013, which hosts by Beijing Tourism Development Commission, the People's Government of Fangshan District, China RV and Camping Association, sponsored by Fangshan District Cahangyang CSD Administration Commission, Beijing Fangshan District Tourism Administration and Beijing RV Expo. Center and execute by Beijing Camper RV Co.,Ltd. Adhering to the past six successfully sessions, this year's exhibition will expand the scale, the exhibition area reach 50000 square meters, compared to the past exhibition , this RV exhibition camping area will expand 10000 square meter and there will be 500 RV in the exhibition area.

       With the purpose of continue to strengthen the publicity of the exhibition, organized more professional visitors and camping enthusiasts to visit and purchase, enhance the overall quality and quantity of the audience, the organizers sent the kind invitation to the global buyers by multi-channel.

       In the early June, the organizers have been through telephone, SMS, micro-blog, micro message, network invite and other forms to send the invitation to the 50000 domestic and foreign buyers, which includes professional RV distributors, campsite developers and a large number of potential RV buyers. At the same time, the organizers also focus on the cooperation with each big RV campsite, RV self-drive club and media. Besides put advertisements and promote news and topic on the media of car, RV, travel, outdoor and public mainstream media, the exhibition also joint with each RV campsite, outdoor travel agencies, plane & yacht high-end clubs and each tourism administration system sent the tickets to member companies and the industry colleague.

       Among them, Tencent automobile will make a special report on the exhibition and use the detail form of word, pictures and video to report the exhibition. http://auto.163.com/,
http://www.xcar.com.cn/,http://www.8264.com and http://bbs.fblife.com make a fully support on the 7th RVing and Camping Exhibition and hold the free tickets activity in the BBS. With the in-depth comprehensive promotion for audience, it will bring the exhibition a large number of rich fresh buyers and RV enthusiasts! In addition, tudou, auto exploration, car trip, 360camping nets, self-drive travel network and other media make an advertisement for the 7th RVing and Camping Exhibition. 2013 the 7th Beijing RV Exhibition 's advertising links are widely present in each big partners on micro-blog, micro message, blog and official website, the slogan of the exhibition—“Realise the RV dream with you”,it known by more and more people and more and more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!

       The exhibition will opening soon, the organizing committee has invited CCTV1, CCTV2, BTV, Travel Channel, Phoenix Satellite Television, Heilongjiang TV and other media to promote RV culture, exhibitors and RV camping enthusiasts can not only through the Beijing RV camping exhibition's platform to expand their influence, they will also through more mainstream media and different levels to promote camping culture, let the people

       from all over the world to understand the RV enterprise, understand the camping life and spread the camping culture. Many well-known enterprises and professionals will also participate in the program of the production and promote the development of China RV and camping market together.

       In addition, 2013 the 7th Beijing RV Exhibition received the strong support from International Camping and RV Camping Association, RVIA, ECF,CIVD, CRVA and other famous international industry association and the agencies, they also play an important role in audience promotion. Through the news and database of 21st century, tens of thousands of professional buyers timely access to 2013 the 7th Beijing RV Exhibition information. Moreover, various support units also actively promote the exhibition information through exchange links, releases news and other way, help the exhibition invited to more high quality buyers.

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