RV Exhibition Campground Facilities Build the Top International Feast

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       【21RV News】On August 15—18, 2013, the four days of 2013 the 7thChina (Beijing) International Exhibition of RV Camping and the 4th China RV Camping Rally will be held in Beijing Exhibition Center. In order to improve the exhibition campground's living conditions and upgrade the quality life of the camping area, recently, the Beijing RV Exhibition Center increased the foundation facilities construction for the campsite and investment millions of yuan to build a top international exhibition campground 's supporting services, improve the exhibition camping service quality.

the new sights and new atmosphere in campground

       The scale of the exhibition up to 50000 square meters, include 500 famous RV from all over the world, and at that time, there will be tens of thousands of RV camping lovers together. It will be 14 days till the exhibition, at present, the infrastructure projects are nervous and orderly in the finishing touches. A multi-function recreational area stands on the edge of the lake, recreational tent, standard RV berth, fish hearth, and the camping area is also equipped with various entertainment facilities, including billiards, bow and arrow, fishing, reality CS WG, colorful night, all of these items will bring the wonderful experience for the camping life.

       In addition, several campsite fountains, landscape design, the cabin, the ecological toilet and other facilities also makes the camping area with numerous bright, a series of supporting provide convenience for camping lovers, it also more effectively improve the service system of the exhibition and it has played a unique role in promoting and leading the China RV campground 's construction. From the various types of supporting services, the audience will feel the perfect of RV exhibition services.

       Riverside barbecue, fishing and boating, RV holiday, children's painting, colorful night...Beijing RV Exposition Center is the rare leisure resort in the city, it also bring the urban elite with lots of entertainment and the perfect supporting facilities will make the new characteristic of 2013 the 7th Beijing international RV camping show.

       According to the 21st century, the reporter found that the environmental arrangement work of the campground is perfect, deep understanding and powerful measures, with ecological natural, green planting and create a number of recreational activities as the main line, fully autonomous and low carbon environmental protection make the environmental quality in the campground has been effectively improve. Through holding 2013 the 7th China (Beijing) international exhibition of RV camping and the 4th China RV camping rally, Beijing RV Exposition Center will attract many tourists and professional both from home and abroad to exhibition, negotiation, ordering and experience the RV camping lift, from multi-angle to promote the RV and camping culture, make China RV camping industry benefit, social benefit and economic benefit can be synchronous promote and make campsite's construction work appear numerous bright .

       The modern city people have a far distance from the nature, but they never stop to desire the nature. In August, with friends find a beautiful piece of camping ground, driving RV and installed the tent on the grass or bare earth, smell the sweetness of dirt and grass, you'll feel a deep regression and relaxed.

Live pictures of the multi-functional recreational area

Multi-functional recreational area-- can accommodate dozens of people to entertainment and leisure

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