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       【21RV News】The summer as a grand party, in the climactic moment is the most beautiful ,the most brilliant and the most unforgettable. The breeze slowly and flowers booming. In the demanders of waiting for the domestic numerous high quality RV travel, business reception and private parties, Tangshan Daloo with many international famous RV brands will appear at Beijing RV Exposition Center's RV world hall which have a 1000 square meters exhibition area and it will show the consumers with a living life of imported RV.

       As the subsidiary of Tangshan Daloo industrial, assets has reached 3 billion yuan and it involving real estate, restaurant, hotel, resort and other fields, during these fields the RV business investment accounted for 20% of the company's overall business. Mainly engaged in the sales business of import motor RV and towable RV, which form Germany Dethleffs、America Jayco、America Airstream and Germany Burstner, it is the largest sales company of Germany RV and America RV.

       For a progressive company, the perfect service system is a essential element. Daloo RV will efforts to build a similar after-sales service system like Gbook and Onstar. ( will working in 2014), the system is installed the vehicle terminal in the RV and provide consumers with navigation, alarm, roads information, stolen RV alarm and tracking, RV rescue and other services; combine the wireless communication module, vehicle GPS positioning technology and the information service center and providing advanced communications services. In addition, Daloo will provide you with financial consumer loans, second-hand RV recycling and other service, initially formed the national long distance RV club alliance and provide the Successful person with successful solution of high-end RV travel way of life.

Daloo RV campground – the First Five-star RV campground of North China

       Relying on the abundant strength of Daloo group, besides showing and selling the foreign high-end brand RV and built north China's first five-star RV campground, Tangshan Daloo RV Sales & Service Co., Ltd. also prepare to construct the star campground in Tangshan gulf international tourism island and Hainan island. The Tangshan Gulf International Tourism Island's Repulse Bay with a total investment of about 1.2 billion yuan, covers an area of about 1558.65 mu, mainly including RV campsite, business center, star hotel, hot spring development and others construction projects, it has a complete supporting service facilities and will become a comprehensive leisure place for a vacation with leisure, entertainment, life and service. At the moment, Daloo industrial is constructing the internationalization RV campground and it will leading the new fashion wave of the world high-end tourism!

       Daloo group is starting the charismatic footsteps and it brings a import RV Carnival for Beijing. Adhering to the concept of “quality, classic, blend in nature, mobile luxury”and with “professional, effective communication and high energy”as the target. The team members of Tangshan Daloo RV Sales & Service Co., Ltd. with the biggest enthusiasm to greet guests to visit at any time and share the Daloo RV brand with guests!

       About the RV World

       RV World is created by Beijing Camper RV Co.,Ltd., the headquarters is located in Fangshan District Changyang CSD, covers an area of 10 square meters, is the specialized integrated companies where engaged in RV, RV parts, outdoor camping equipment and supplies sales, aimed at promoting RVing and camping culture, set RV, outdoor camping supplies sales, RV campsite and leisure entertainment facilities as a whole, provide consumers with consumer, entertainment, parking, custody, RV maintenance and convenient and comprehensive, one-stop services' RV camping hypermarket, initiate and organize the RV and RV campground's related technology and knowledge training, build the China RV home and campground home. RV world can not only provide consumer with all kinds of RV, but also can provide consumers with RV camping experience, enjoy the lifestyle of RV outdoors leisure comfortable and promote consumption.

       RV world with first-line brand, perfect service and camping experience as the leading factor, blend in the RV camping culture and utilize the brand effect of Beijing RV Exposition Center, the scale effect of the Beijing RV Exposition Center and publicity effect of the 21st century, provide a new idea for RV enthusiast, enjoy the premium services and an ideal place for the RV camping life experience.

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