Modified Iveco RV--Salaried People Wangyi's RV Life

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Wangyi installed the tent beside the RV for rest and sheltered the wind and rain

In order to let the child not feel lonely on the road, Wangi installed TV, stereo and DVD on RV

top cabinet, sofa, toilet, rest area, dining area, all kinds of necessary living facilities on RV

       【21RV News】Baotou daily newspaper published an article《For you only a common iveco but it is my own RV》 on June 27th , the article is about the salaried people Wangyi refitted a second-hand iveco .Until July 20th the RV has been completed and is preparing for its first trip which the destination is prairie, heard the news, reporter arrived at the wang's house and use camera to record the RV, now let us to see the RV with all function.

       Enter the RV, the reporter found that Wangyi made a full use of the space which less than 8 square meters. The bare board seat has been put on the bright color chair cover, window and curtain also has been installed in place; a 24 inch brand new LCD TV has been installed in the head part of sofa;kitchen and Bath also can use, from entertainment equipment to life necessaries everything has been prepared. Look at his own work, Wangyi said to reporter “this is our fruit of labour which spent few months, we pay lots of energy and with the improvement of the RV , our mood will be changed every day and until the last parts installed we are very happy. The place where need to improve we will discover after the short trip.”

       Then he told reporter that he is going to take part in the Damao culture festival and Baiyun's tent festival with his friends. Moreover, through the short journey he wants to show the charming of the RV to his family. During the trip he will use the camera to record the RV life and through the photos let the around RV enthusiasts have a deep understands on the RV and RV travel. Meanwhile, he will test the each component of this RV in detail and after the trip he will gradually improve the function of the RV. After word ,he opened the door and started the RV , a white shadow gradually disappear in the sight of journalists.

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