Beijing RV Camping Group win the exclusive agency of Tourism Commodities Fair RV Camping area

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       【21RV News】Beijing International Tourism Commodities Fair will hold in Beijing• National Agriculture Exhibition Center from October 10 to 13, 2013. The Tourism Commodities Fair committee has officially authorized Beijing RV Camping Group as the exclusive agencies of RV Camping Exhibition area and in charge of the investment of RV Camping area, this movement will further promote the diversification of tourism products.

       It is said that Beijing RV Camping Group has lots of outstanding resources, such as media, exhibition, market and others. It formed the unique competitive advantage, realized the diversification business layout and devoted to built cooperation trading platform for RV camping enterprise and its related industry. The 2013 Beijing International Tourism Commodities Fair must be the bright spot and it will provide the consumers with lots of tourism commodities' choices.

       This year General Office of the State Council Officially released the National Tourism leisure Outline (2013-2020), clearly put forward to strengthen the self- driving & development of RV campground and brought the new opportunities for optimize the structure of domestic tourism products and developing new tourism consumption hotspot.

       As the supporting facilities of RV, the campground will promote the development of the RV, especially the towable RV. Meanwhile, under the leading of RV, holiday products, outdoor sports equipment, scenic spots, and other fields have also got lots of great concern.

21RV camping pavilion at the Shanghai Auto Show on 2013

       As the general manager of Beijing RV Camping Group, Wang Jidong said that China has a very big market and potential ability and though the high value of promotion channels like Beijing International Tourism Commodities Fair, let more and more people to know the RV brand and make a deep understand of RV, let more quality family own RV and enjoy the RV new lifestyle.

       It is reported that Beijing RV Camping Group is becoming the RV Camping area exclusive agencies of large domestic RV show in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shanxi, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Liaoning and other cities. Among the domestic Auto show, RV Camping Exhibition area is become the bright spot and get the huge success.

       The Exhibition Information of 2013 Beijing International Tourism Commodities Fair

       Date of the Exhibition: October 10-13, 2013

       Exhibition cycle: once a year annually

       Exhibition location: Beijing• National Agriculture Exhibition Center

       Organizer: Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development

       Exhibition area: 30000㎡(outdoor 10000㎡,  indoor 20000㎡)

       The scope of RV Camping display area: travel motor RV, towable RV, sports RV, RV parts, bicycle, motor boats, ATV. Water sports equipment, yachts, aircraft, camping equipment, RV production and modification enterprise, dealers, leasing business, construction planning and design, investment and financing institutions, etc.

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