Enjoy quality RV life, retrospection of the events in 2013

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       【21RV News】At the end of 2013, the annual summary of RV industry is about to start. this year, the  RV market is so hot that can make us more optimistic about RV future.the old RV retrofitting,  the new RV's publication , the numerous RV exhibitions, the striking RV rental , the foreign RV brands's entering and the development of campsites  all make the RV market in China full of vigor. this article will analyze the RV brands’ activities in 21RV.com in 2013, and  bring you a further understanding of RV industry.

       1.The launching ceremony of RV the 5th issue was grandly held 

       On Mar. 21th 2013, the launching ceremony of  RV issue 5 was grandly held in Beijing RV exhibition center. The whole activity was leaded by Wangjidong, the general secretary of Beijing RV exhibition committee and witnessed by BBS guests home and abroad. All the guests wrote down their names and wishes during the publication, hoping RV magazine would make RV camping life style more popular. 

       Summary: RV, the 5th issue profoundly and muti-anglely give publicity to the knowledge of RV &camping and recorded camping industry development in China. It not only promoted the industry development, but also advocate a nature, healthy and fashion life style. Since it was published, the responds from readers were good. Manufacturers expressed that RV let them further understand indoor RV industry, while drivers said taht RV magazine brings more fun to their outdoor camping life. Believing the 6th issue, to be published in March next year, will bring you more surprise.

       2.China RV & Camping industry Awar

       On Mar. 21th, 2013 the result of “2012-2013 China top 10 RV brand enterprises & China top 6 campsites” sponsored by 21RV.com and Beijing international RV exhibition, was officially released. Again, In August,  “2013 China RV camping experts” and ”2013 China RV photography competition”were launched.

       2012-2013 China Top 10 RV Brand Enterprises & China Top 6 Campsites Award

       2013 China RV Camping Industry Leading Figure Award

       2013 China RV Camping Experts Award

       2013 China RV Photography Competition Award

       Summary: industry award activity largely boosted the interactions between companies and company to consumers, enhanced the consumers’s knowledge about RV and camping life and provided important reference data for RV buyers. What’s more, it helped the companies find their market position, enforced their brand awareness, and enlarged the corporate recongnition. giving full play to RV leading figure and RV camping expert in the industry, attracting more attention to RV&Camping, enhancing the popularity of RV&Camping in mainland China, forming the interaction environment among companies and consumers are the main aims of RV camping industry leading figure Award and RV camping expert Award activities. By holding related industry award activities, 21RV.com is scheduled to create a most influential, credible but unofficial RV&Camping industry award platform, and providing RV drivers and RV fans the most valuable information in China mainland.

       3.The 6th China (Beijing) international RV&Camping exhibition 2013

       The 6th China (Beijing) international RV&Camping exhibition 2013 was grandly held in Beijing RV exhibition center from Mar.21th to 24th 2013. Being the most influential RV industry exhibition, it gathered nearly a hundred well-known brand enterprise of RV &Camping, aircraft, yacht, and outdoor equipment etc. At the end of the event, trading volum reached 500 million RMB, visitors totaled 30 thousand, almost 2000 campers presented, and 300 media reported the exhibition. It has really set a new record.

       Summary: by convention, RV camping exhibition is not included in RV exhibition which is held in March each year. This year, the drivers gathered in the camp were spontaneous. Perhaps the season suddenly get cold could bring them a sepecial RV life or the attraction of RV exhibition got them here. Any how, they came, their passion for RV brought them here. The 500million trade volum also give us encouragement in RV industry in China.

       4.RV Special Sale Event Successfully Ended, Opening a New RV Marketing Pattern

       The 2nd Beijing RV Special Sale Event was held from 2013 Jun. 14th to 17th . During the four days, visitors could consult RV information for free,  have a tour among RVs, buy RV, have camping barbecue or drink beer in music. More than 20 RV brands could utilize the time to demonstrate their products. Accourding to the preliminary data, during the event, more than 80 RV were sold, sales volum reached 30 million RMB, the visitors exceeded 2000, nearly 50 midea anticipated. Among the RVs presented, the ones priced 200 thousand RMB became the first choice for the ordinaries. Besides, outdoor equipment, such as ATV/UTV, easy step car, Hummmer bicycle etc. became the favorits.        

       Summary: in the 2nd RV special sale event, visitors could enjor the camping life and buy RV safely and economically. Its sales pattern and function is also adored by each RV brands.  The partten of  special sale event is an initial in the industry, it maximized the benefit of both salers and buyers.

       5.The 7th China (Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition 2013

       The 7th China (Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition 2013 was successfully held in Beijing RV exhibition center, Aug. 15th - 18th , 2013. According to the statistic, in this event, the sales volum reached 550 million RMB, 3000 campers encamped on the site, 300 medias provided a full-spectrum coverage and the abroad RVs received high marks. 

       Summary: as the development of RV market in China, this year the competition in the exhibition became more fierce, and the promotions became more.  Compared with the specia sale event in June, the amount of visitors in this event is bigger. 

       6. Drivers Gathered in China RV Camp Meeting, Camp Ground Full of  Jollification

       The 4th China RV camp meeting was held in Beijing RV park, from Aug. 15th to Aug. 17th 2013. Tasting RVs, outdoor camping, there drivers enjoyed 4-day outdoor leisure time. The activity not only gethered RV drivers, RV fans of all regions together, but also the drivers saloon, colorfull night, China RV camping experts award, China RV photography competition helped them talk about wonderful travel story freely, exchange camping experience and make like-minded friends.

       Summary: this year, there are almost 3000 campers encamped in Beijing RV park. The award activities also received drivers’ positive responds. People gradually pay more attention and become more willing to participate the RV activities. The communication topic becoming more profesional, how to drive trailer, how to retrofit, and providing help to novice became the focus.

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