Leaders, Guests and Industry Experts all Focus on the 7th Beijing RV Exhibition

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       【21RV News】From August 15th  to 18th, 2013, the 7th China (Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition and 4th China RV Camping conference will be grand opening in Beijing RV Exposition Center , which last four days. 50000 square meters exhibition hall, 40000 spectators, 500 RV and 300 media, as the largest domestic RV show, it attract the attention from domestic big mainstream media and it also get the attention from the government, industry association and other institutions.

       Li Chunwei, the Business Development Director of Administrative Centre of Automobile and Motorcycle of General Administration of Sport and the Vice Secretary General of Federation of Automobile Sports Of The Peoples Republic Of China, Liu weiyi , China Tourism Automobile and Cruise Association, China Automobile and Cruise Tourism Association self-driving travel and camping branch's chairman, Centech Management Investment Co.,Ltd 'president, and General Administration of Sport Federation of Automobile Sports of the People's Republic of China RV Camping Branch's Vice Secretary General, International Auto-camping Association China delegate Xiu Xuejun has been identified to participate in the exhibition and attend the high-end forum and other related activities. It is reported that as China RV camping union's specialist the three people will gathering together the exhibition, the industry's latest thinking collision, the latest issue of confrontation will let the exhibition most Wonderful.

2012 the 5th China RV Camping Tourism Development Forum, Li Chunwei made a speech

in the company of Wang Xudong(right third), Li Chunwei(left fifth)visited the RV Camping area of the exhibition

       Government's attention has promoted the development and progress of the industry to a certain extent. According to Li Chunwei, the Administrative Centre of Automobile and Motorcycle of General Administration of Sport will joint more than ten units which active in auto campground or activities, draw lessons from the standard of the foreign auto- campground and combined with China's national conditions, base upon the 2007 auto-camping's related policies and around the aspect of construction, management, safety, energy conservation and emissions reduction of auto-campground to provide some good supplement to the policy. It is reported that the standard draft of campground has been worked out and it will issued at the second half of this year. Meanwhile, according to the organizing committee, Li Chunwei will come once again to visit the 7th Beijing RV Exhibition.

2012 the 5th China RV Camping Tourism Development Forum, Liu weiyi made a speech

       As one of the pioneer of Chinese RV industry, Liu Weiyi push Zhongtian RV to a new step, he has not only developed the RV industry but also committed to pushing forward the construction of the campsite and make a outstanding contribution for the domestic RV camping industry. According to the organizing committee, Liu Weiyi will participate in the China RV camping Tourism Forum which held in the afternoon of August 15th, 2013 and he will make a speech which aims at the theme of “RV bring the better life”, it is believed that the speech will give RV camping industry a new surprises.

       Similarly, as the witness of China RV camping industry's development, participated in the world camping conference, national camping assembly, all previous Beijing International RV Camping Exhibition and other RV Camping activities and help the construction of campground from place to place, Xiu Xuejun use his action to promote the development of China RV camping industry, he will also join in the 7th Bejing RV Exhibition and bring the new ideas and thoughts.

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