2013 China RV Camping Tourism Forum promote industrial development space

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       【21RV News】2013 China RV Camping Tourism development Forum will be held in the camping area which organized by Beijing International RV Camping Exhibition organizing committee and the date of forum is August 15th , 2013, from 14:00pm to17:00 pm. The forum will invite the relevant government personnel, RV manufacturers, dealers, campgrounds enterprises, scenic spots, outdoor products industry, media and hundreds of people will present at the forum to discuss the development of China's RV camping industry in the future.

RV industry's elite gathered in 2013 China RV Camping industry Forum

       At present, China's RV camping tourism industry is still in its infancy, how to make a better life, how the campground enterprises retain users, promote the RV camping space, outdoor leisure industry how to effective fusion with RV industry development? ......The elites who leading the development of China RV camping tourism will around these problems to discuss, splendid speech and thought-provoking thinking will make the bright spots on the forum.

       The theme of this RV Camping Tourism development Forum is “Brand, Channel, Development”. It will turning the eyes to develop way of China RV Camping in the future, brainstorming, learning other's advantages, using industry leaders' advanced development experience to enlightenment thought, using Chinese companies' constantly explore to build consensus, deepen the development of the RV camping industry, providing talents and technical preparation, developing the supporting camping tourism development model, promoting the RV camping industry development in harmony with the environment and advancing the global RV camping tourism industry common prosperity.

       Besides the elaborate agreement, the forum committee also arranges the awards ceremony and group photo for Chinese RV camping industry top ten leaders and will surrounding the theme of“promote the industrial development space, each brand enterprises how to develop, promote the formation and perfection of the whole industry chain”to discuss making effort to enhance the level of the forum, building three-dimensional and multi-level communication platform, help Chinese companies to better meet the RV camping tourism industry trends.

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       RV industry's elite gathered in 2013 China RV Camping industry Forum